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Dots and Boxes - Squares (Ad disable option)
Thank you all for your downloads! Thanks to you the game hassurpassed the 1M downloads mark. Game is also known as Dots andSquares, Dot Box Game, Dots and Lines, Dots and Dashes, Connect theDots, Dot Game, Smart Dots, Boxes, Squares, Paddocks, Square-it,Dots, Dot Boxing. Maybe the most feature-rich and challengingimplementation of the classic Dots and Boxes / Squares game onGoogle Play. This application offers very challenging ArtificialIntelligence as well as many other features. The AI in the advanceddifficulty levels is able to predict and anticipate the futuremoves. Also the application is very lightweight with the apk sizenot exceeding the 1.5MB. Features: 1) Play against friends oragainst computer. 2) Clever Artificial Intelligence whichanticipates future moves. 3) Four AI difficulty levels:very-easy,easy, medium, hard. The AI is well designed with eachnext level being a bit harder than the previous level. 4) Multipleboard sizes (from 3x3 dots to 12x12) 5) Ability to choose playername and your favourite colour 6) Quick match. No irritating menusjust hit the launch icon and you are inside the action. ( Of courseafter entering the application you have the ability to select yourfavourite settings by hitting the MENU button. Your preferenceswill be saved so you won't have to change them each time you openthe application. ) 7) Ability to set the game speed. 3 game speedlevel : slow, normal, fast. Fast level is appropriate forexperienced player, slow is more appropriate for people who juststarted playing dots and boxes. 8) Statistics section for viewingyour results against the computer 9) Ability to share yourstatistics and end-game screenshots with friends 10) Undo buttonFor those who don't know the game To be good in the game you musthave good observation skills and be able to predict the opponent'smoves. So are you ready to take the challenge?? The rules are 1)Touch in between two dots to mark a line (vertical or horizontal).Your goal is to complete a four side box / square. 2) The playerthat completes a four side box / square has the opportunity to playone more time. 3) The player that will complete the most boxes /squares wins the game. Start closing your Boxes / Squares now!Free! Enjoy! For any issue or suggestions about Dots and Boxes /Squares game contact us at [email protected]
Domineering - Cram Game
This application offers two popular paper and pencil games in one!Domineering and Cram! Both games are mathematical 2D tile turnbased two-player games where the players place horizontal orvertical dominoes that cover two squares of the board. By defaultthe last player to move wins. If missere play is selected then thelast player to move loses. Both Cram and Domineering are verysimilar and they differ only in allowed moves. In Domineering oneplayer is allowed only vertical moves and the other player isallowed only horizontal moves. In Cram both players are allowedboth horizontal and vertical moves. Domineering is also calledStop-Gate or Crosscram.