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YouVersion Bible App + Audio, Daily Verse, Ad Free 8.8.0
On more than 300 million devices around the world, people arereading, listening to, watching, and sharing the Bible using the #1rated Bible App—completely free. 1,400+ Bible versions, 1,000+languages. Listen to audio Bibles. Thousands of Reading Plans &Devotionals, in 40+ languages. Download the best rated Bible App.Customize your Bible with Highlights, Bookmarks, and public/privateNotes. Access everything online, or download select versions to useoffline. Read, study, and share with friends. Enjoy honestconversations about faith in trusted community. Grow together everyday with friends, sharing your discoveries. Create shareable art:add Scripture verses to your photos. READ THE BIBLE DAILY ●Experience the Bible App in any of 40+ languages ● Switch between1,400+ Bible versions, 1,000+ languages ● Popular versions: KingJames Version KJV, New International Version NIV, New King JamesVersion NKJV, New Living Translation NLT, English Standard VersionESV, NASB, Revised Standard Version RSV, New Revised StandardVersion NRSV ● Offline Bibles: Read even w/o network access (selectversions) ● Audio Bibles: Audio for select versions (notdownloadable) ● Verse of the Day USE THE BIBLE WITH FRIENDS ●Center your Christian friendships around holy Scripture in theBible App ● Home Feed: See what you and friends bookmark &highlight ● Comments: Connect with friends each day as you studyBible truths together, sharing ideas, asking questions STUDY THEBIBLE ● Reading Plans: Thousands of Devotionals, Bible Plans. Studytopics or portions of the Bible. Read the entire Bible (both OneYear® Bible and Bible in One Year) ● Video: Watch clips from TheBible, the JESUS film, Lumo Project, & more CUSTOMIZE YOUR FREEBIBLE ● Verse Images: Create amazing bible verse images ●Highlights: Like a paper Bible with custom colors ● Bookmarks:Sharing, memorizing, finding your favorite verses ● Share verseswith friends: social media, email, or SMS/text ● Notes: Keep themprivate so only you can see them, or public to share with friends ●Cloud Sync: With a free YouVersion account, see all of your Notes,Highlights, Bookmarks, and Reading Plans on any supported device ●Easy Reading: Adjust font, text size, and contrast for bright orlow-light CONNECT WITH YOUVERSION ● Contact support from inside theBible App ● Like us on Facebook ●Follow us on Twitter ● Keep currenton our blog ● YouVersion online 1,400+ Bible Versions: King James Version KJV NewInternational Version NIV New Living Translation NLT RevisedStandard Version RSV New Revised Standard Version NRSV The MessageMSG English Standard Version ESV Holman Christian Standard BibleHCSB New King James Version NKJV New American Bible, revisededition (Catholic) Chinese Bible - Simplified & TraditionalReina Valera 1960 - Biblia en Español Filipino Bible Zulu XhosaAudio Bibles: KJV Audio Bible NIV Audio Bible NLT Audio Bible andmore 1,000+ Languages: English, Hindi, Spanish, Portuguese,Chinese, Korean, German, French, Russian, Tagalog, Indonesian,Amharic, Twi, Arabic, Zulu, Xhosa, Afrikaans, Yoruba, Nepali,Filipino Thanks to generous content partners, we offer thousands ofReading Plans, Devotionals, and free Bible study Plans: BillyGraham, Francis Chan, One Hope: Bible App for Kids devotionals, FCAFellowship of Christian Athletes, Our Daily Bread, One Year® Bible,Jesus Film, Lead Like Jesus, Daily Guideposts, Deeper intoScripture, Ligonier, Joseph Prince, Scripture Union, Focus on theFamily, John Piper: Desiring God, Hillsong, Audio books &devotionals, Daily Bible Reading Guide Catholic, Rick Warren: DailyHope, Set Me Free, NewSpring Church, Beth Moore, 21 Days of OurDaily Bread, Audible Devotions, Wisdom Books, New Life Christian,On the Go, Daily Walk, Once a Day Bible, Jesus Calling, GrowingLeaders,, Love God Greatly, Our Daily Bread: China
Bible App for Kids: Interactive Audio & Stories 2.22
The Bible App for Kids is the newest member of the YouVersionfamily of apps. Available now for Android smartphones and tablets,the Bible App for Kids is always completely free! Throughinteractive adventures and beautiful animations, kids explore thebig stories of the Bible. The Bible App for Kids is adelight-filled experience designed to encourage kids to returnagain and again. It’s the beginning of a lifelong love of God’sWord. * Easy, kid-friendly navigation * Colorful illustrations *Touch-activated animations * Engaging, interactive content thatbrings the Bible to life * Fun facts and activities designed tohelp kids remember what they learn * Special challenges that letkids earn rewards Includes Bible Stories about: * Creation of theworld * Adam and Eve * Noah’s ark * Abraham is called by God *Abraham and Isaac * Joseph and the coat of many colors * Theplagues of Egypt * Moses and the burning bush * Moses and the 10commandments * The parting of the Red Sea * The Walls of Jericho *Samson and Delilah * Ruth * Samuel is called by God * David andGoliath * Elijah * Daniel and the lions’ den * Esther * Nehemia andEzra * The birth of Jesus Christ * The baptism of Jesus Christ *Jesus’ temptation in the desert * The Sermon on the Mount * Jesushealing a paralyzed man * Jesus casting out evil spirits * Jesushealing a sick girl * Jesus feeding the 5000 * The prodigal son *Palm Sunday * The Last Supper * Jesus on the cross * The empty tomb* Jesus’ ascension * The Holy Spirit comes to the early Church *The disciples healing a crippled man * Saul * Paul’s journey andtrials * The new heaven and new earth From YouVersion inpartnership with OneHope. YOUR PRIVACY ON ANDROID * The Bible Appfor Kids requests read/write access to your SD card because that'swhere the app stores the stories you choose to download to yourdevice. * The Bible App requests access to a device's account listto aid in sending Push Notifications to older versions of Android.*Location: Our analytics package uses approximate location to helpus learn where our app is popular. The information is only used onan aggregate level, not on an individual level. * We do not sellany personal information you provide us, nor will we share itwithout your consent. You can read our privacy policy at CONNECT WITH YOUVERSION * Like us onFacebook: * Follow us on Twitter: * Catch up on the latest on our blog: * Sunday School Curriculum, ChurchResources, and activities: The BibleApp for Kids is available in English, Afrikaans, Indonesian,German, Spanish, Filipino (Tagalog), French, Italian, Dutch,Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Turkish, Russian, Vietnamese, Arabic,Farsi, Urdu, Hindi, Thai, Korean, Simplified Chinese, TraditionalChinese, and Japanese.
Church Metrics 2.0.1
App Features:• Access data and dashboards from the coffee shop orthe mission field at the touch of a button.• Drill down toindividual services, categories, and data points for specificmetrics.• Input data in real time—upload info like parking lottallies, kids ministry numbers, salvations, and main auditoriumattendance in real time during your services.• Stay organized whenyour entire ministry inputs data in the same place.• Keep teammembers informed with instant, account-wide stats.• Easily togglebetween multiple service time and campuses.• Integrates seamlesslywith your existing Church Metrics account.About ChurchMetrics:Better information helps you make better decisions. ChurchMetrics is an easy-to-use web tool and app that helps you trackchurch data like attendance, salvations, baptisms, giving, andmore. Customize unlimited additional categories to track anythingthat matters to you, from cars in the parking lot to volunteers.Your dashboard displays the real-time data, and charts and reportshelp you make data-driven decisions. And because it was built byLife.Church for churches like yours around the world, it’scompletely free, with no software or services to buy. Ever.• Trackany metric you choose—if you can count it, you can track it!•Adjust your fully-customizable dashboard to display the data thatmatters to you.• See a visual representation of trends and patternswith interactive charts.• Track metrics for a single-site church ormultiple campuses.• Get automatic email reports.• Transform datainto sleek, easy-to-understand reports.• Keep pastors, boardmembers, or other key leaders in the loop with reliable data.•Import and export data and reports using Excel.• Support multipleusers, roles, and permissions with varying levels of access.•Switch between accounts easily.• Integrate with external apps.•Create private, invitation-only Church Metrics Groups to manage andreview data for an entire denomination, church plant group, networkof churches, or other association if needed.• 100% free. No trialperiod, no paid plans, no in-app purchases, no software to buy.Ifyou already use Church Metrics, download the app and log in to yourdashboard. If you don’t yet have a Church Metrics account, downloadthe app and get started!Connect with Church Metrics:Follow us onTwitter: Use Church Metricsonline: http://churchmetrics.comGet Church Metrics support: We Exist:At Life.Church, oneof our core values is "irrational generosity." We're committed toequipping the “capital C" Church—that’s local churches around theworld—in every way we can through free resources, partnerships, andproducts. Our goal is to help churches like yours everywhere leadpeople to become fully devoted followers of Christ. Visit to see all of our free ministrytools and products.
Life.Church 3.8.6
With the Life.Church app, you can experience Life.Church anywhere!● Watch or listen to messages from Senior Pastor Craig Groeschel ●Download audio and video messages for offline playback ● Connectwith your Life.Church campus or Church Online ● Follow along withthe service in the app with the Weekly Guide ● Request prayer,submit questions and much more through the contact card ● Check-inyour kids for LifeKids or check-in to serve through the app ●Invite your friends and family ● Give to Life.Church ● And more!The latest version of the app has many updates to help you grow asa fully devoted follower of Christ. Download the Life.Church apptoday to be part of our Life.Church community as we take the nextstep in our journey with Christ together! About Life.Church:Life.Church wants to make a lasting difference in your life, in ourcommunity, and in the world. Our mission is to lead people tobecome fully devoted followers of Christ. That's how we're able tomake a difference, and it's the driving force behind everything wedo. We meet in physical locations around the United States andglobally online at
Network Summit 1.0.4
The Summit app from Network Churches isyourbest tool for getting the most out of this amazing event. Findtheschedule, detailed workshop descriptions, map, and event infointhe palm of your hand. You can even keep up with theNetworkChurches social media feeds and share posts right from theapp.With six workshop tracks, multiple breakout sessions, neweventlocation, and a buzzy social media campaign, you'll needtheNetwork Summit app to keep you organized for every minute ofthetwo-day conference. And, make sure you enable push notificationssoyou'll know when sessions and contests are starting.Features:• 2015 Summit schedule• Workshop sessions info• Map• Integrated social media feeds and sharing options• Summit survey• Live announcements about contests and speakersNetwork Summit is the annual conference for Network Churchesheldat Network Churches partner with LifeChurch.tvandeach other in content and community, using a proven model ofsharedteaching, resources, and development to reach people forChrist incommunities around the world. Network Churches believethey canaccomplish infinitely more together than apart. To learnmore aboutNetwork Churches, visit us at:Web: networkchurches.tvTwitter:
YouVersion Bible Lens: Bible Verse Photo Editor 1.0.6
Bible Lens transforms your everyday photos into profound,Biblically-based artistic shareable images. Bible Lens lets youtake a picture, or point to one you already have. It detects notonly objects in your photo, but more importantly, the Biblicalthemes of the moment that photo captured… and then suggests Bibleverses to match! Bible Lens’ Discover feature auto-magicallycreates new Bible art from pictures you took 5 days ago… or 5 yearsago. Discover finds the pictures in your camera roll with thegreatest potential to become dazzling Verse Images. Then, it amazesyou with special moments from your past, now revealed through thelens of God’s Word. Just as with the photos you take using BibleLens, Discover lets you experiment with colors, fonts, and more,saving your favorites and sharing to your heart’s content. BibleLens is from YouVersion, makers of the top-rated free Bible App andBible App for Kids, installed on hundreds of millions of devicesworldwide. The Bible App offers thousands of versions andlanguages, and the interactive stories and activities from BibleApp for Kids are available in dozens of languages globally. CONNECTWITH YOUVERSION ● Support | contact from inside Bible Lens ●YouTube / Facebook / Pinterest | /youversion ● Instagram / Twitter/ Medium | @youversion ● News | ● Web |