IPKO Telecommunications Apps

IPKO TVim 1.1.3
TVim is a great new way of watching selected channels via theinternet, from the comforts of any room of your home, which you caneasily access from your smart phone or a tablet.It will enable allyour family members to watch their favorite shows, any time, byproviding them with this new multi-screen experience.To use TVimyou will have to be an active subscriber of IPKO’s bundled services(DUO, TRIO or QUATRO) and you will be able to use TVim with yourcurrent username and password.
hej! Collect Kokrra 1.0
The main goal of this game is to collect as many kokrra andcomplete it for a shorter time, so that the kokrra collected andthe remaining time to return to a greater number of points.Regularlevels are distributed in four seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn andWinter), where in every season will be from 5 regular levels, andat the end of each season will be opened a bonus level in whichlevel will have different obstacles and facilities, where playerscan collect a large number of kokrra.In the regular levels maingoal is that the players quickly reach the door and along the wayto collect as many kokrra in order to earn as many points.
My IPKO 1.2
My IPKO enables you to: See your account balance Manage yourbenefits and expenses Refill your (and other) credit balance Paybills See all current offers Activate packages with a single clickFind out the locations of IPKO shops, the nearest point, etc. Allof this and more can be done quickly and easily from your mobilephone through My IPKO, without having to go to any of IPKO's salespoints. To use the application, you are required to have an activeIPKO mobile phone number.