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Aoba Jisho 夏祭り
Dennis Bovell
Aoba Jisho is a Japanese-English dictionaryWord Dictionary• Over 169,000 entries• Option to display kanji contained in words• Extra information included: part-of-speech, dialect, antonym,related word, JLPT level, field• Alternate spellings grouped into main entry• Option to deconjugate verbs (行きました to 行く)Kanji Dictionary• Over 12,000 entries• Stroke, grade, JLPT, SKIP, and Four Corner information availablefor all entries• Colored stroke order diagrams for over 6000 kanjiExample Dictionary• Over 70,000 entries• Terms highlighted in multiple colors for ease of viewing• All words in example sentences are displayed in listAdvanced Search• Specify multiple fields at once, to refine queries.• Separate multiple text entries with a comma or spaceLists• Create personal lists, and combine any number of word, kanji, andexample entries into the same list. Lists are separated by entrytype, for easy browsing.Other• Kanji Lookup:• Find a kanji by its core components. Results sorted by strokecount.• Find a kanji by its SKIP code. See:• Results sorted by frequency• History is automatically tracked, and user-deletable• Kana tables, with colored stroke diagramsThere are no ads, data collection, or other bad things that makekittens sad.